1. History
In 1989, Bluedra Korea was established and  began the business as an Exporter of Agricultural Machineries , accessories and construction equipments.   Since then, the founder, Mr.Hwang has started to enhance the company as a trade company and try to have its own brand products such as Bluedra & Tristar.  And now, we have three main  OEM contracts with Korean manufacturers .   And also possess several own brand products.
From 1992, we had a good reputation for above mentioned items and it made us the leader in these fields especially in Middle East Asian countries.


In 2005, as a result of business diversfying  efforts, Bluedra  become  authorized distributor of Killtec sports und freizeit ,Germany  for the sports & casual wears. Now, we also have good  sales performance & good brand reputations in Korean local market.  Now we have been  engaged in domestic market since then, too.

In 2007, we got the local distributorship from NGT, Japan for the thermal-control devices which is focused on high end local manufacturers.

2. Location
Seoul Office: 3rd fl. 226-11 Poi-dong, Kangnam-ku, Seoul in Korea #135-964
                        tel: 82-2-577-6092, fax: 82-2-577-6093
Boochun Factory: Sang-dong, Wonmi-ku, Boochun-City in Korea #420-810