Agricultural Hose & Sprayer / Blower

Light Construction Equipment

Two main product lines in this field; one is spray hose and another one is Knapsack sprayer & Mis dust Blower.

1. High pressure spray hose
Using special polyester yarn gives high pressure resistance.  Unique technology PVC blended core provides strong chemical resistance...(more information)
2. Knapsack Sprayer & Mist Dust Blower
Bluedra Knapsack sprayer is made of stainless steel & plastic, so it has light  weight & strong resistance against rust & chemicals. And we are offering three kinds of Mist dust blower  having high performance ..(more information)
3. PVC Layflat Hose (Discharge Hose)
Various kind of layflat hose for argicultural purpose & Industrial purpose ,you can have chance to choose in accordance with your requirement...(more information)
4. PE Drip tape / PE Spray Hose
Various kind of drip tape / Spray Hose
Provide good solution for gardening & farming.

Reliable light construction equipments help you in manifold construction fields.

1. Concrete vibrator & Drive units

2. Vibrating Roller

3. Plate Compactor

4. Asphalt Cutter

5. Power Trowel