"Customer always comes first" is our cardinal rule since the beginning of Bluedra Korea.  We provide best quality products & service welcoming you as our invaluable customer.
Bluedra business consists of four ranges; argicultural products , construction equipment,  thermo-control devices and garment fields as below.
1. Agricultural  Hose , Sprayer and Mist Dust Blower

Two main product lines in this field; one is spray hose and another is Sprayer & Blower.


2. Light Construction Equipment

Reliable light construction equipments help you in manifold construction fields.
3. Thermo-control devices 
We are the authorized distributor of NGT , thermostat maker in Japan...(more information)  
4. Killec sports und freizeit Gmbh 
We are exclusive distributor  of Killtec , Germany since 2005... (more details & information)